Official Ballroom Song ID Thread


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Surprisingly, it's eagles! A live version of the song (hence the screams and cheers.) You can find it on spotify on their Hell Freezes Over live album. I'd like to post a video but I'm apparently not allowed as a new member! You can find it on daily motion.
My dad has it and has played it at his BBQ's. As soon as I heard it I went crazy trying to figure out who it was... should have just asked him!


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I think I found this once but then completely lost track of it and never downloaded it for my collection -- any idea on the title and artist of this rumba?

Just stumbled across this video ... Does anybody know the name of this song they've used, it's so chillingly beautiful!.....they also used it in the lecture they assisted with Graham Oswick Blackpool 2010.. Thanks in advance!!
This waltz has never officially been released. I know the name and have it, but can not tell you. Sorry. Against the rules.

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