Official State Dance???

In general I wouldn't necessarily believe something just because it is on In this case though it is true. Swing (WCS) is the state dance.
Hmmm a State dance that half the masses don't know what it is. Very curious how that was done. I find myself explaining to people what West Coast Swing dancing is. Occasionally, when we are out dancing locally at a nightclub and people come up to us after the dance is over and say. "Wow, you guys are great! What kind of dance are you doing?" Now we can tell them, "It's the State Dance." :D

Vince A

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d nice said:
In general I wouldn't necessarily believe something just because it is on In this case though it is true. Swing (WCS) is the state dance.
Because of its origin???
Sonny doesn't really put as much research into the non WCS areas. Some of it is woefully incorrect, and some of it is nothing but opinion presented as fact. His WCS info though tends to be pretty spot on.

This of course is to be expected he is a WCS dancer and his site is extremely broad in scope.
Vince A said:
d nice said:
Swing (WCS) is the state dance.
Because of its origin???
Bcause a special interest group complained enough to get state legislators to do it. Same as for most of the other state symbols. These designations serve no purpose other than pacifying small vocal groups and wasting taxpayer money.

One of the silliest is the coordinated multiyear campaign by Modern Western Square Dancers leading to "square dancing" (defined extremely vaguely) being recognized as the "state folk dance" of many US states.


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NeoDevin said:
I didn't know states had official dances. Learn something new every day
I think it is sort of like snack foods... some states have official ones (yes, its true! :shock:) while others do not. Same with official state dances...


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Welcome wedance! For a moment I was wondering what was going on :? and then read the subject line. If we talk of swing I've often heard of the Carolina Shag, so I guess it fits for South Carolina's State dance. I'm correct, I hope! Am I? That is shag is a regional swing dance?

What sort of dances are you into? Social/Competitive dancing?
What I Dance

I'm a social dancer. WCS, Shag, Hustle, Cha-Cha are my favorites.

I also Co-Direct a weekend event every year in Gatlinburg, TN for 800 dancers.

How about you?


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TN / GA?

I'm a social dancer too, though I'm considering joining the university team where I am as I sometimes feel I'm not progressing along as fast as I want to! I started out doing swing last year, learning first ECS/jump swing and then a little lindy, and even taking a basics WCS class. Then as I started trying out ballroom and latin dancing I found that I wasn't making as much progress as I wanted in latin due to swing. So, I do mostly ballroom and latin now, spending most of my time on salsa currently!

I grew up in the Bronx and dated and married a PR gal so our first dance was Salsa.

When we moved to GA, many years later and started WCS, the same happened to us. Everytime we tried doing Salsa, we wound up doing swing.

Gatlinburg is about 4 hours from Atlanta/Alpharetta in the Smoky mountains. A great draw for dancers.

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