Okay, so it isn't "Argentine," but...


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I don't know how many "Dancing with the Stars" viewers we have here, but this week contestant Steve Guttenberg's professional partner, Anna Trebunskaya, because very sick and her husband, Jonathan Roberts (also a professional dancer, and also a dancer on "Dancing with the Stars") filled in for her during rehearsals for their ballroom tango routine. This piqued the curiosity of the Stars judges, and they requested the full performance of the "Mango" for the special performance on the results show.




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cute. very sporting of anna's husband. and very nice shaping on his part, i might add. :)

i like man-on-man tango...

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Sigh, I don't much care for the show, which seems to be personality driven, unlike SYTYCD, which is mostly about dance.
(May try to watch, though, since people keep telling me about Priscilla Presley. See, perrsonality driven.)
Since I didn't see the show, I may be off base here, but using the term mango is too cute. Did they take advantage of a teachable moment to talk about how "in the day" boys had to learn the followers part, dancing with a man who already had learned (usually a relative or friend of the family). This before they were allowed to learn to lead.


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All the teachers at our studio have to know both parts so they can teach them..
Duh... The men teach couples too and have to know the girls steps to teach a woman..
As do the female teachers have to know the man's steps so they can teach.. And the female teachers have to be able to teach a man how to lead..


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Cute, innit? That would be my first teacher in the purple dress. I know he loves (or used to love) doing that performance.

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