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I have a bunch of old ballroom dance LPs. I was going to transfer all of them to CDs but my computer broke and I lost all the CDs. I since then have not had time to redo it so I am selling these LPs. If interested please pm and I will get back to you.
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Would you want to give them to someone who would copy them onto CD for you and then return? If you work this deal, send a few at a time and get your CD's back before you send another set. Might be a win/win. Depending on what you got, I might be interested.


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Singles played one song per side, at 45 rpm (revolutions per minute); LPs played five or so songs per side, at 33rpm. They both came later than 78s, which played at -- you guessed it -- 78rpm.

Back in the day when I worked in that industry, we still made cassettes, but CDs had finally come in and replaced vinyl. Very few clients wanted vinyl LPs. What we called records.

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oh lordy...I knew there was a reason I was avoiding this thread...off to take my geritol and try to find some replays of lawrence welk...don't ask

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In the 50s they would cut acetates as first cut / masters, no?
I remember reading about Sam Phillps, Elvis, etc eaither getting acetates to listen to (Elvis and Hound Dog?) or taking the acetate to the big local dj for air play before other records were played.

They did EPs, too, at that time. They put several songs on each one, but not as many as the later LPS.

Carl Perkins was upset when he got one of the new, flimsey feeling 33s.

Are these records that were sold to the public, or were they masters?

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