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I just finished reminiscing about what IMHO are the better days of CW dancing by watching the 1992 UCWDC WORLDS MASTER DIV tape. Does anyone know who sang the waltz song "ROSE OF MY HEART" written by Hugh Moffat? Also, why did Barry & Dawn stop dancing together; They were awesome!
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Steve Pastor

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Wish I had a clue. Never paid attention to competition.
What is it that you think has changed?
I've got a few thoughts about that, but you first. Actually, I don't think things have changed a whole lot here in Portland.
One of the most disturbing changes that I've noticed is that the basic rhythm of the dance is not obvious. For example, in the old days I believe that a rhythm break could last for no longer than 8 or 12 beats and then you had to get back to the rhythm of the dance you were supposed to be dancing. Also, the line of dance is not followed today as it was in the old days. Today's competitions are mainly choreographed performances which do not include many lead/follow patterns. It used to be that the SHOWCASE division was reserved for that type of dancing. I guess in a nutshell what I see today is all divisions doing SHOWCASE type dancing. I'll respond with more later.

Please remember that these are my opinions coming from someone who lived in Houston, TX during the URBAN COWBOY craze which is when CW dancing as we know it now was being developed.

Steve Pastor

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Well, let's see. There was a dance competition in "Urban Cowboy", if I remember right. (or maybe I'm thinking of deleted scenes)
I'm learning that competitions were fairly common in the LA swing scene back in the day.
Were they competing at Gilley's, and at other honky tonks back then?

I've got a couple of things here about competition and how it is used, and how it has escalated.
See "Pablo Stories" and "Glamour Addiction".

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