On Argentine Tango

I learned my Tango from Mario Salveneshi, who learned the Tango directly from Frank Veloz. I knew at the time in 1950, that I had learned the Argentine Tango, because I had previously learned the Continental Tango, (Ballroom) which was very placid and restricted in pattern structure. In comparison the Frank Veloz Tango was free flowing and with many passionate body gyrations that would not quit; it was for me the most sensuous experience in or our of bed.
Fifty three years ago, I won the Rudolph Valentino Trophy at the Hollywood Palladium by public acclamation with a giant Applaud-O-Meter registering the decibels of applause. Most of the contestants, including two of my former instructors, Rae and Lance Stevens were dancing the Ballroom Tango style. It was the Argentine Style that gave me the edge, although I had started dancing less than two years before that contest.
Ballroom Tango in comparison is like caressing with gloves on!
Tango anyone? I mean ...Argentine!

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