on2 styles comparison. Which is the most spread one? Where?


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NY is mostly Eddie's style...which is why that's also known as NY2.

I also agree with you about the articles nonsense. If 1,2,3 5,6,7 isn't salsa, what is???
joaoluissantos said:

Thanks for your answer, borikensalsero. It was very elucidative. Just want to ask you a final question regarding the NY and Puerto Rican Style. You told that in Puerto Rico de majority of puerto ricans dance power 2 style, right? And in NY, it's the same or it's more eddie torres style?

About Mr. Razz'M'Tazz article, I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the cuban guaracha, because he says:

Dancing "on 1" isn't wrong -- there are some phenomenal one dancers (and teams) out there! But what they're dancing isn't mambo. It's not salsa either, though many people call it that. It's another dance, with another name:

If you're dancing the traditional mambo pattern, but breaking on one, you're dancing guaracha. Guaracha is a traditional dance that's danced 123-567; it starts on one and breaks on one.
I don't agree with the statement that if you dance 1,2,3-5,6,7 you are not dancing salsa, but I would like to know if guaracha is danced on1 and if somehow it influenced dancing salsa on1.

Another question, cuban salsa is danced on1. Why don't cubans dance on2, like son montuno is danced? Is it because the cuban salsa/timba accentuates more the 1? (The drum pattern is a little bit different from the tum-tum...pá!? or maybe another instrument...)

João Santos
It is my pleasure João...
Yes in Puerto Rico is power2. In NY City ricans dance both power2 and Eddie's on2. Old school dancers mostly do power2 while the new generation does Eddie's style. However, Eddie's style controls the market in NY City right now.

Razz M Tazz is being egotistical here, meaning that if you look back far enough to find out where on2 came from, you'll find out that mambo was heavely danced on2, however, going further yields that mambo wasn't danced on2 at first.

Cubans didn't Mambo on2, mambo was first danced on1, more over, what cubans call dancing mambo doesn't look like the same mambo we dance in the US. Our version has been americanized and blended with other styles (It was born here in the US). When the first lyrics of mambo were danced, it was done to the cowbell, which was the most audible instrument in the music, naturally dancers followed it, hence the guaracha like dance tempo of 1,2,3 5,6,7. Yes, guaracha is danced on1 where as son montuno is danced on2, but the instruments that cubans followed to dance mambo was the cowbell which means that they danced on1, not on2 as he claims. The off beat came after dancers figured out that dancing on2 gave them 'the luxury' to add different and more seemingly complicated moves. Although, we all follow the same timing dancing on2, for some unkown reason to me, looks and feels slower than dancing on1.

If we wish to speak politically correct dancing on1 is dancing salsa/mambo where as dancing on2 is dancing son montuno. Just as guaracha was danced on 1,2,3 5,6,7 mambo first steps were also taken to 1,2,3 5,6,7, therefore, mambo was first danced on1, Then son montuno dance tempo (2,3,4 6,7,8.) was used to mambo. Not the other way around. If Razz M Tazz wants to be a purist then no one is truly dancing mambo for on2 was first Son Montuno and on1 was Guaracha. He has to give somewhere and he refuses to do so because of a little thing we call an EGO. Both styles can be applied to a Mambo everyone knows that, yet we fight for correctness to satisfy our personal styles. We should just say we dance guaracha or son montuno not mambo; there problem solved... The reason mambo is distinct is because it is danced back and forth, that is pretty much it.

In all, cubans dance on1 because mambo was danced there on1 first not on2 and still doesn't. All dances pretty much influenced the way mambo is danced. There are elements of just about every dance in salsa dancing.
Can anyone tell me how difficult it is for a follower to switch from "on1" to "on2"? I'd like to visit my friend in NYC and check out the salsa scene while I'm there...
I mostly dance with guys from Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Chili (they never took any classes), and they all step "on1", and 90% of the time they do cumbia style steps.
WHY is it so different from NY anyway?
I've got RazzMTazz videos and was shocked with their style. Salsa should be elegant, not that pushy. However, I reworked some of their ideas for my styling. Is RMT typical for "power2"?


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redhead... power 2 need not be anything different from what you are used to on 1 except for being "pushed forward" by one beat. If you can adapt to different styles of lead and can play with the music a little I'm betting that you wouldn't have any problem shifting over with a competent lead.

The NY 2, however, might be a bit more of a challenge. If you're a really adaptable follow then it shouldn't be a problem but, otherwise, shifting over might provide a bit challenging. Because the basic footwork pattern has the slow/pause in a different place even basic movements can have a very different feel to them. Still, there's no better place to try it out then New York...

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