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the rain had fallen all day quite steadily so the rice paddies were looking all lush and green, suddenly from the water I saw a green ninja turtle rising, standing proudly, His look was once of amazement, then he saw me watching and started to scoot across the water without walking making incredible speed. Oh my I better go hide have no idea if he will be friend or foe.
shedding his carapace as he ground to a stop to reveal none other than Dan Quail, the estwhile VP candidate. The mystery of the disappearance of this shining light was apparent, having missed the political highlights he had withdrawn into his shell which had ossified there. Dan had mixed feelings - partly he was grateful to not have to live on a diet of pond weed roots any more but also cencerned that people might yet remember who he was.

I left him there blubbering about his new options and turned my attention to the narrow path that I had noted about half a mile back on the road. The reason for my interest? A faint glowing through the woods and the smell of chicory brewing...


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I had entered the Lost World of Walden made famous by Thoreau, and there was Henry David Thoreau himself fishing beside the pond, and a small notebook by his side.
"Thoreau, I presume" I said,
"Pleased to meet you ma'am" he replied.
his pond after the developers had installed the multistory carpark, handicapped access, cafeteria, gift shop and sunset lounge filled my mind but I did not have the heart to tell him. I turned insted down the path and ran straight into a large elm tree that happened to be crossing the way....
when thinking back as I wrote out my insurance claim form.

I could barely remember seeing Henry, as hitting my head on the elm tree had knocked me unconcious...

Still, I had my sanity and soul as I turned and looked out of the window... and saw...
-ed the end off the table by mistake when I had just pulled out the darn thing to open the plastic pack with the pencil eraser in it. Now I had to reassemble the room, try to paste the vase back together, pick up all the flowers and mop the white sheepskin to leave it as if nobody had been there before Moriati returned to his flat...


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I failed dismally and he could tell someone had been in the room, He was filled with rage, his eyes widened exposing more of the whites of his eyes. His mouth tightened, his face turned red and then next thing he yelled...I was glad I was outside of the house, it was my que to leave quickly before he worked out what happened.


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elevated his rage and became quite passionate, he looked at me and scowled on no what will I do where could I go, he grabbed me, I thought this is the end. He held me close and tight and walked to the other side of the room, he turned on the dvd player and put on a tango, the dancing was amazing he danced with such a passion I have not seen before. It was stunning, now if I did not smoke I would have lit up a cigarette!
It was fortunate indeed that I had not smoked for it would have dulled my palate and I would not have sensed the faint odor of the sleeping potion in the warm wine he served me as I relaxed on his 60s bean bags by the open fire in the centre of the room. I realized that this was getting out of hand and noticing that the fire had burned down rather I stood up and casually put on my boots and coat - he asked where I was going and I said to get some wood from the fire. He took me at my word and returned to the kitchen where he was busy gutting a chicken killed a few hours before. With his attention distracted he did not notice me pick up my purse before leaving. Once outside I ran down the path savoring the sweetness of the air and the honey'd scent of the thick stands of butterfly bush with their coat with thousands of red admirals...

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