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Bold and the beautiful eat your heart out. Taylor is my middle name. It is amazing that we have such an affinity, I believe this new medication is making everything as clear as mud!. I heard laughing and woke from my day dreaming, There were so many people sitting and laughing, what are they laughing at? I could feel myself getting anxious and I took a look around, to find out what was so funny and I realised they were laughing at me....Were they laughing with me or at me?
I realized THEY were laughing at me .... ah dang daydreams, what did I miss that was so funny to them. Did I let drool slide down my chin, food in my teeth, a goofy smile, what?

Guess it is time to ask ... or should I just play it off that it was something else that amused them ... never ending, weigh the pros and cons, what to do? Sigh ...


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.........there was no God any more; accidentally eliminated by the Cern Big Bang Hadron Collider; that suddenly the universe was slightly different in that it was starting to unravel at the seams...
Just then, it occured to her. She is a time traveler! All along, these multiple roles were not in her imagination. They were her life, in various
ways ... but not really ... she jumped time and became these different people to help out their lives in various ways .... oh wait a minute. This life is repeating my favorite TV show ... Qauntum Leap ... So cool!


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I am living my life like the matrix, what is real, what is unreal, what is in my head and what is actual. Who is my friend and who is my enemy...I need to be careful and keep my wits about me

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