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If you ask me about Latin I can say batanga for bachata, timba para siempre for cuban salsa.... but for swing I am at a total loss. I still am figuring out what sort of music really works for me and won't trigger my Latin preference and have that take over, plus I just haven't had that much exposure to swing.

So I want to get into west coast swing, but I don't know of any particular good online radio stations. If you suggest something like batanga please give me the name of the radio station to look for.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Steve Pastor

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West Coast Swing isn't like Lindy Hop, where there is a well defined type of music people dance to. Last night's DWTS opened with Little Big Town doing their song "Pontoon." It's one of my current favorites to do WSC to. Last time I was out I also did WCS to Dwight Yoakam's recording of "Little Sister." There's a yin and yang combo! But, see, here on the West Coast, WCS is part of coutry western dancing. Down in LA at the Press Box a couple of years ago they played mostly blues with the same beat until I wanted to beat my head on the table.
(If you have to patience for it, you might work your way through the original music thread to get an idea of what people HAVE danced to. Other folks have put together lists, and some of that stuff is still considered classic.)

You might want to go to some local WCS events and listen to what people are dancing to out your way. Wonder how many of our regulars from the East don't have power right now?
This board doesn't seem to let me post direct links; let me apologize in advance for the indirect directions.

The "west coast swing" room on often has people playing wcs music. People are usually there during the day on weekdays.

If you search for 'wcs' on grooveshark or spotify, and go to 'playlists', you'll get swing playlists that various people have compiled.

You can also find various music lists online (e.g., www . / top_dj_tunes.htm). Personally, I prefer searching for playlists, so I don't have to go to some other site and then enter each song myself.
I compiled all my own music. It's more time consuming and tedious but it was fun for me to go on a treasure hunt through the internet, my local swing dance and talking to friends that dance. Now I know that every song that comes on will be something I like. It's a healthy mix between swing era stuff and swing-revival music. So I have everything from Benny Goodman to the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. If you look up "Swing Revival Ensembles" on Wikipedia, you'll get about 19 artists. If you look up "American Swing musical groups" you'll get about ten more. That's where I started. =) And then the pages have info on who the artist sounds like, who they're similar to or what other artists inspired them. But then again I also use the swing station on Pandora. Happy hunting. =)

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