OnTheRoad 2 OhioStarBall-seriously!


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Ok, EPT and those of you DFer's who've been following my DH on the "road" literally. I did see his pics of his latest adventures including the 3,000 pound biggest ball of string and biggest ball of twine. Some of your suggestions he could not get to, as the item(s) were for viewing only during the summer months.
SOOOOOO, he's going to drive to Ohio Star Ball using Interstate 70 through Colorado. He's asking for "what should I stop and see along the way". Mind you, and fair warning, we've spent significant time in Colorado for many years...but rarely saw trivia things.
He loves all of your suggestions and wants to make this a fun trip getting there.
Also, he plans on taking me to Amish country outside of Columbus on the Friday of OSB, I'm a sucker for their quilts and hand sewn items. So suggestions are welcome...I know your out there....fess up....where should we go? what should he see? :cool:

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