Orlando: Barn, Cowboys or 8 Seconds

Hello all -

Driving from Jacksonville to Orlando for the weekend, and would like to do country western dancing in Orlando. For Saturday night I was curious about which place (The Barn, Cowboys or 8 Seconds) would be the best place to do dancing at ... I'm a guy and most likely won't have a partner, but would like to do some two stepping, waltz, night club, cha cha, etc. Are any of these places more friendly or less friendly than the others? Thanks in advance! :) :)


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All three places are friendly enough. I don't care for the neighborhood around Cowboys, to be honest, and last time I was there, there was a lot of line dancing, with not as much partner dancing.

The other two work fine, although a lot depends on where you're staying and how far you're willing to drive. 8 seconds is in Orlando; the barn is in Sanford, which is quite a bit (45 minute drive) north. So, if you're in Orlando itself, try 8 seconds. It's closest, especially if you're staying downtown or even in the resort area.

Have fun. 8)
Followup - :08 Seconds and The Barn

Thank you for the welcomes and advice. Jacksonville used to have a great C&W club called :08 Seconds but it closed a year ago just as I got into dancing. So needless to say I was excited about visiting their sister club in Orlando which still had an active website. After circling the block twice (downtown Orlando has a lot of 1 way streets :evil: :evil: ) I finally was able to pull into the parking lot, only to find out they closed 3 months ago :cry: Luckily it was early enough to go to plan B and off I drove to The Barn in Sanford. It was friendly enough, but much more of a honkytonk than I was used to in JAX. The dance floor looked much more chaotic with line dancers in the middle and the two steppers hugging the rails, with swing dancers in between. I guess I feel lucky that both Crazy Horse clubs in JAX have much bigger dance floors, and that the line dancers and partner dancers pretty much take turns sharing the dance floor (20 minutes of line dances, followed by 20 minutes of partner dances). Funny think was at the Barn the DJ announced that "The Barn Dance" would be coming up soon, and everyone cheered ... so I decided to hang around to see this new dance whose name was unfamiliar to me. When the song was played - it was what I know as "The Wild West" when the guys and girls all swap partners. Overall a good night, and definitely crowded. Feel free to have a cold brew on me and thank you listening :lol:


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Glad you had fun, dancingdoc. Sorry about the 8 seconds thing. I hadn't been there in a year -- my fave spot is a dump not far from where I used to live. 8)

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