Osvaldo Zotto's debut with Lorena Ermocida in Club Almagro


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This video by Alberto Paz was shared with the world shortly after Osvaldo's death last week.

If you only have heard about the famous Club Almagro, this video will give you a glimpse of Almagro in 1997, before it closed in 2000. Notice that all the men are wearing suits. This was filmed on Tuesday, April 29, 1997, a night when milongueros went to dance. Unfortunately, the video shows only the exhibition. Juan Fabbri initiated them in Club Almagro, although the milongueros couldn't have cared less about them; they were there to dance. This was the beginning of a major change in the milongas in Buenos Aires.

I was interested to see that many didn't applaud the performances. There was no obligation to do so. Milongueros improvise what they feel in the music. Lorena and Osvaldo practiced and performed choreography, none of which is useful in the milonga. Milongueros don't dance to impress; they performed to impress the audience. I suppose for many the exhibition wasn't what they consider to be tango.

There are many familiar faces in the crowd that night: Miguel Angel Balbi, Antonio Pisano, Leonel "Petaca" Lerman, etc. I enjoyed this video for the memories it brought. I returned to Chicago in the first week of April that year, so I wasn't around for Osvaldo's debut with Lorena.


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Thanks for posting it. I really enjoyed the first two dances (the poor camera work goofed up the last one). That was quite the debut.


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