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I wasn't sure where to post this but I was just wondering if any of you ladies have found a way to save on pantyhose. I spend 25 bucks on pantyhose a week EEK! They are EVIL!! :evil: :evil: :evil:


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Hey. The guys I know seem to know a fair amount about women's hose. Don't know why. :)

DanceMentor makes a good point, though, tights last longer and can take a beating.

The other thing I do is wear pants about half the time for practice -- I got some of those stretchy jazz pants that fit pretty tight. Add a leotard, and you can see everything your whole body is doing without having to wear a skirt. The other half of the time, I stick with skirts so I can practice, holding the skirt, swishing it, and showing it off (especially for smooth).
well although I'd loooooove to wear pants to work..I can't. only on casual fridays :( I'm going to go get some tights though. I wish I didn't have to wear pantyhose but we are required to...plus my legs blind everyone so suntan hoisery is a GOOD thing :lol:


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Don't know why I keep coming back to this forum.

But here's a funny story. I went to a studio outing with some friends a while ago, and saw a pretty lady dancing a rumba in the middle of the floor. She looked great, so I watched. I really loved her twirly skirt.

Then she did a spin. Ew! She was wearing a THONG and no hose that I could see. Poor thing didn't even realize that she was putting on a show.
I don't think she knew how twirly her skirt really was.

Ever since then, even if I'm wearing a tight skirt, I put a pair of dance trunks underneath. Better safe than sorry.


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And while we're on the topic of women's undies ... How do I put this delicately? Make sure your foundation garments are VERY SECURE before you start dancing. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a dance and feeling things start to slip! :lol:
dang, I never had my panties slip off while dancing before lol :lol: although I have had my thigh highs fall down while giving a lesson before...that was embarrasing :oops:


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I didnt mean panties. I meant bras. Especially the strapless ones, sometimes slip off in the middle of the action. I once saw a woman at a comp whose bra was AROUND HER WAIST by the end of one particular dance. What a scream! I thought it was really funny. Guess she didn't though. :lol: :lol:
oh...my bad LOL! I was starting to wonder...hmm..

I don't wear strapless bras to dance, never have and never will. I'd rather use duct tape (not really) 8)

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