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pygmalion said:
How did you know what I was talking about? I LOVE those things. I have the ruffly ones in red and in black. SO cute. :D :D

Plus, the swishy and twirly skirts are tops, and if you're looking for a forties-era retro look, the snoods and authentic military-surplus jackets and pants can't be beat. And the prices are reasonable. AND the people there are so nice. Definitely a thumbs up. :D
I have the black ones too!!!! :D


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You know, I think this thread really belongs under general dance discussion, because it is so dance-related.

Anyway, here's the deal with competition hose. Go for the fishnets. I got some capezio fishnets, and they are indestructible. Fingernails, shoe heels, whatever. Those babies just keep going. Don't like the bare-legged look, and nylons rip to shreads. But these dance weight/quality fishnets? Thumbs up. Way up. :D
Need help. Is there any regular store that carries toeless fishnets? Last time I asked at Victoria's Secret and they had only imitation. Is online the only place to go?


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The only ones I've ever seen were the expensive, heavy-weight dance hose. At a dance supply store or in the catalog. About $20, but they last forever.



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Yup. It's a good website with nice merchandise and timely, friendly service. :D Tell her to get at least one twirly skirt. They're so fun to dance in. :D


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About the hose for competition dancing. The general consensus seems to be fishnets for Latin/rhythm, non-shiny tights or regular nylons for smooth. Just no white legs showing, no matter what! If you're going to go bare-legged, make sure they're tan. :D (Info from another bulletin board discussion group.)
When I think stage make up, I don't get a glamorous picture... I do understand the nessesity. It's just not a part I enjoy that much... so it's good I don't have to wear it. I enjoy designing it and applying it... but wearing can be quite uncomfortable.
Swing Kitten said:
When I think stage make up, I don't get a glamorous picture... I do understand the nessesity. It's just not a part I enjoy that much... so it's good I don't have to wear it. I enjoy designing it and applying it... but wearing can be quite uncomfortable.
Yep - glamour at 10 meters = stoopid clown face in the mirror.
Oh well......

yup! exactly... it's a nessesary evil I suppose

Although in theater the stupid clown faces aren't nessessary... there have been improvements in stage lighting in recent decades that they provide the nessesary lumination while not washing out the details of every thing. In some shows (especially with a smaller house) actors can get away with very little accentuation of features... this is when the make up is not making it's own design statement which can be a wonderful opportunity to further the production.


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Yup, SK. Exactly why I'm wearing more makup than usual, but not going for the clown makeup thing. I don't think all that is necessary. I guess we'll see when I get the photos back.

I usually don't wear any makeup at all, so it's a huge concession for me to wear highlither, eye shadow, and false eyelashes. Add some foundation and some lipstick, and I'm done.

I do know or know of a few women who actually have their hair colored for these events -- seemingly the brighter, the better -- I mean candy apple red, or bright orange. Yikes! :shock:


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Hey. You have to admit candy apple red hair really gets the attention. In competition, that's the goal. Get attention. Then use your dance skill to keep the attention on you as long as possible. Yup. Weird, maybe, but definitely not wrong. Logical even. :D


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Costumes and Clothing for Competitions

Stuff I learned from my first comp, as pertains to clothing, etc.

1. When it comes to makeup for competitions, more is more. Body glitter, big earrings, rhinestones everywhere, lots of eye makeup, false eyelashes. The whole nine yards.

2. When it comes to hair, keep it simple. Short works, or securely in a bun. Make sure it's secure, and it doesn't obscure your top line.

3. Floor length gowns aren't. Too long, and you could trip on them.

4. Try dancing in your costumes a bit before the big event. Make sure they're comfortable, and the right length. etc.

5. What's in style now, at least for ballroom, is stuff with simple lines. Forget the boas. They'll date you.

6. You don't have to pay a fortune to get nice costumes. There are less expensive alternatives -- a couple of the web sites are posted in this forum.

7. Take backup clothes with you, just in case.

8. Take a jacket or wrap, to keep warm between heats.

9. Edit. I'm adding this. Acrylic nails are a big plus. I'd never tried them before. You can get all kinds of cool eye-catching colors and designs, and they last a lot longer on acrylic nails than on natural nails. Pretty inexpensive too, if you go to a strip mall nail salon, not a spa.


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Woohoo! I'm on a roll today! I found this website where you can buy ballroom dance patterns and a manual with instructions. A little pricey -- about $100 for a pattern, and $50 for the manual. But a nice alternative for people, like me, who can sew, and would like custom made costumes. Yay! :D

You know, one of these days, I'll figure uot how to post commercial information without making it look like dance forums is trying to sell something! :doh: I posted the link under web sites for rhinestoneguy. Check out the patterns there. :D

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