P a n t y h o s e

leftfeetnyc said:
back seem panyhose...$2 at dancestore.com i bought the stockings which are $7 (I like my garter belts) and they seem to hold up well with a lack of runs/tears.
What's that around your neck in your avatar? Curious! 8)
a cape... :oops:

My friends made it for me at an event and made me dance in it. The pic is from it's first appearence. The part around the neck is a Kippy belt...a rhinestoned scary belt...the clasp is an eagle head which makes it even scarier.
WHY, might i ask, are those belts... well... INFAMOUS... I mean where did it all start? Ive read the threads over at whydance- but i still dont fully get it.

Kippy Belts are a joke and a reality depending where you look. They were very popular in CW and WCS back in the 90s. The Lindy Hoppers would make fun of the Westies for them. The joke and stereotype still hangs on. There are some people, more CW based, but some WCS based (and now popular in Hollywood) who still wear them.

They are all rhinestone and crytal. Some are very simple but sparkly, others (like the one in the cape which starts slender and gets wider with an eagle head buckle) are really really tacky.

Rather than get offended at the jokes about kippy belts and westies always wearing sparkly clothing, we adopted the joke. It's more fun. One of the whydance.com members had a few from back in the day when she lived in Dallas (the belts are still popular in the midwest). She converted one into a cape for me as we have an inside joke of superhero personalities. I'll like being classy with a touch of goofy or tacky, so I've been riffing on Kippy Belts for a while, one joke being that I need a Kippy Cape. So she made me one for our latest event and I got roped into posing all superhero-y..there are many more pictures than that. I even ended up dancing in it.

You might see one or two. When I say they're popular, I just mean people still wear them. It took me four event weekends to see even one that was worn in earnest. They were much more abundant in the mid-90s.
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(thats a really bad picture that just started flaoting threw my head unbidden. The infortunate model is wearing nothign but a kippy belt, cape, and panythose.)
8) :? :shock:
pygmalion said:
Twilight_Elena said:
So fishnets are the thing for Latin? D'you think they might be a bit too much for a girl my age? (I have this samba choreography to do, if anyone recalls)
Yep. A lot of ladies wear fishnets for Latin. IMO, it's not too much for someone your age. You're about as close to a woman as a teen can get, IMHO. So go for it, unless the idea of fishnets makes you uncomfortable. They make your legs look nice and hide figure flaws and cellulite quite well (although you're only seventeen, so that may not be an issue. *shrug*) And they're very durable. More expensive than regular hose, true. But I still have my first pair undamaged, years later. 8)
I have a question regarding fishnets. I found that they appear to come in only 2 colors - black and caramel/suntan (but darker than suntan pantyhose). So I got myself a pair of caramel-colored ones. But still they looked to me a bit too dark, especially with flesh-colored shoes. Is it still OK? because when I do wear pantyhose I try to make sure it is not darker than my shoes. I think this is something my mom got into me when I was a teen.

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