Pag. of the Masters 2012-4 day sale


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If your in So. Calif between- Laguna Cyn Orange County- July 7 to August 31, the Pageant of the Masters is running a Main Tier Ticket Sale for $20 a seat with a promo code.
The theme of the Pag. this 2012 season is The Genius.
There is not a "bad" seat in the outdoor amphitheater house as they use more than just the stage. Pageant of the Masters - is GREAT, for an outdoor picnic, bread, cheese, wine, under the stars gathering, especially if your here for a competition or such or vacation and want something different to do that is a great way to relax and support the arts.
The promo code is MTM20 for the reduced ticket prices-4 dates. Seats begin at $15 (yes $15 - don't faint - it's actually affordable).:cool:

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