Partner Search Mixer & Social at Manhattan Ballroom Dance


[size=+2]Partner Search Mixer[/size]

Are you looking for a competitive dance partner?

[size=+1]Saturday, October 17[/size]

PARTNER SEARCH MIXER: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m
6:30 - 7 p.m.: Waltz Technique and Musicality Workshop – all levels
7 – 7:30 p.m.: open dancing
(social also held most Saturdays)

Meet others who are also looking for an amateur competitive dance partner (standard, smooth, latin, or rhythm)

Admission is $15 ($10 for USA Dance members with USADance card). Includes workshop, mixer and social.

Waltz Technique and Musicality Workshop 6:30 – 7 p.m:

A sequence of simple waltz figures will be presented, then used to illustrate:

- how to make the dance flow smoothly down the floor

- how partners take turns moving and shaping

- how to use body actions to fill up the time in the slower dramatic waltz tracks

- how to grow from executing steps towards really dancing with partner and music

We will rotate partners so it's a great way to meet everyone in attendance, and see who you might like to try with more specifically in the second half hour. Then stay for the social and enjoy finally having a full-sized floor in the city!

workshop presented by Chris Stratton
Lisa Uribe deserves the credit for organizing the mixers, which have been held for the last two months. This time we're going to try adding the workshop as a bit of an ice breaker and hopefully there will be some useful take-home ideas from that even for those who don't meet their dream partner.

I should have mentioned that while the workshop is based on standard it should all apply to smooth, and the partner search gathering (and of course social) are for all four styles.
Sounds like a great idea!

What is the general turnout for the mixers? What is the range in dancer level? What is the leader/follower ratio? Are there activities to encourage people to mix or is it fairly hands-off?

All the best with your workshop! Please let us know how it goes.
We had a substantial, but unfortunately unbalanced turnout, which changed the class format a bit from what I had planned. My feeling is that this is because an infrequent event basically draws from the community of ready amateur competitors as it currently stands. To get a more balanced turnout, I think we would need to offer something more consistently to help grow that community as it could be, drawing from the pool of those who have done some dancing and are interested in taking it more seriously, but also from those who may have never tried danced before. In effect, doing what a collegiate team does and training beginners in a practical approach to dancing that is equally applicable to competitions and socials.

There are a lot of varied ideas bouncing around on a few different fronts at the moment, so we'll have to see what settles out after some planning discussions.
Just back from talking with the studio and it looks like we will be able to run a standard technique workshop on a regular basis, tentatively 2pm on Sundays preceding the studio's new 3-7 pm social.

Hopefully this we be a time not only to work on some of the key techniques that make the standard dances more practical (and comfortable to dance with a partner), but can also serve as a time for amateur dancers with and without partners to gather and gain a sense of being part of a community dedicated to dance improvement.
I will be teaching the class.

The class has two specific goals. First is to provide answers for solving dance problems - some from presented topics, but a lot prompted by questions or difficulties that students have been experiencing during the week. Second, to build a community of dancers working towards common goals of improvements that can be a peer group for existing partnerships and a pool of potential partners for those currently without. In many ways, this is an attempt to offer the college team experience with its basis in practical group technique classes to unaffiliated adults. And the social that follows for the rest of the afternoon means that the class itself is just the start of the day's dancing.

Ultimately, the class is about communicating three general "take home" messages about dancing, each through examining common difficulties and proposing practical solutions to try:

1) Personal movement improves through developing usage of the standing foot/leg/knee to support and project the body weight.

2) Partnered movements - figures - succeed based on precisely establishing the necessary direction and character of movement.

3) Partnership dancing becomes sustainable and rewarding (for the dancers and their audience) when the quest for specific objective goals is balanced with consideration for the comfort and enjoyment of ones partner.
Standard Technique Workshop is confirmed for this Sunday at 2pm. $15 admission for the afternoon covers both the workshop and the social that follows from 3-7pm.

Next Sunday the 15th will have the workshop as usual but will also be designated as the monthly partner search mixer. Of course the workshop and social are always open to both couples and individuals.
I brought up the idea of a partner mixer social to my local ballroom dance club and they said they would think about doing it. They just decided this week to do it on Friday during their regular meeting. Any suggestions for making this work out well?
Sorry to be posting here only at the last minute, but the december partner search mixer will be this sunday the 12th at 2, again coinciding with the standard technique class.

Now that the class itself is sorted out, we'll try to make a little more effort to specifically facilitate the mixer function for those seeking partners - though of course existing couples remain welcome.

In off weeks without the mixer designation the class has been running at a comfortable 8 to 12 or so, a mix of couples and singles with a good gender balance.

Also, while the studio calls the following social a tea dance, its really a fairly ordinary social and good opportunity for some practice on a large floor.

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