Paso Doble Showdance

Ohh, this is one of my favorite show performances, and a fantastic song.
The song is Madonna's single "Don't cry for me Argentina". Look for the signle release, not the movie soundtrack. It has a long intro, which is the one used in this dance.
I've seen people dance hustle to it also. The song becomes more "hustle-like" after the intro.
BTW, Donald and Kasia did not win the showdance that year. I think this is the year when Gary and Diana won with their American anthem rumba. It was a great number, but Donald and Kasia's paso is the one that stayed with me. The dancing may be less polished, but the showmanship is great, the chemistry between the two is awesome, and the choice of music pure genius. Besides, Kasia Kozak is one of my favorite female latin dancers. I was so sad when she stopped competing.
Thanks for the link.

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I just looooove this girl. When Donald Johnson retired, she partnered with Louis Van Amstel (briefly). She was actually Louis' last competition partner. They performed their show at the MIT open (must have been 2003). I taped the whole thing on a small camera. There was no sound (must have clicked the wrong burron somehow). But I still have it.
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That was my favorite show number that year as well. In between Donald and Louis, Kasia danced with Andrew Phillips. I never got to see Louis and Kasia dance a show.
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Thanks for the name of the song :D

btw, do you guys know the name and year of the event?
And I still can't seem to get the video to show in the forum

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