Peabody Anybody??


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For those of us who weren't at DCDI, would you care to translate this? "Silver Smooth Double Toxic at DCDI." Maybe it got silent oohs and ahhs?? ;)
DCDI = DC Dancesport Inferno. A Two Day Colligate Competition at The University of Maryland.

Silver Smooth Double Toxic = Refers to DJ DancingGrad playing Playing Britney Spears Toxic for Silver Smooth Tango then following it immediately with Toxic again for Silver Smooth Foxtrot.


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Okay, thank goodness SOMEONE noticed it. I was so sad that I didn't get any immediate oohs and ahhs. :(
I immediately gave you two thumbs up (and a Yasss) from them on deck area, because Britney is Queen. Also thanks to you I made it to the next round of Waltz/Tango. I hit the opening riff of Toxic with a Spanish Drag.

... Only a real nerd would wear a tailsuit in Open Smooth at MIT ...
Okay? Then what do you call a person who wears white and tails for Silver Smooth and Standard? Ballroom Hipster?
First off Tony, yes I know someone who knows Peabody in Cali that can teach you the real deal, Her name is Sandra Wollin she is from NYC and her parents were teachers in the 50's and worked with the who's who of Ballroom from Harvest Moon Champs to Roseland regulars. Tell her I sent you and she'll be delighted.

I wouldn't use a single one of those videos except Taxi 1932 with James Cagney. The others don't know Peabody. Peabody DOES NOT BOUNCE!!!! Dead tell someone doesn't know Peabody. It was considered a smooth running dance, the Peabody One Step (it's proper name) was just that, based on One Step which was smooth.Yes the dance dates to 1915 and has nothing to do with Lindy Hop, outside of many swing era dancers also danced the Peabody when the music got too fast. The One Step evolved to fast tempo's and the Peabody was as advanced variant.

As far as Charleston goes, it wasn't part of the dance to my knowledge...I've only seen contemporary dancers use it as they mistakenly equate it with the 20's. Hence the Gatsby Gala, lol. BTW, Louis Bar (Mr 4 Stlyes) you should learn actual can you have a "world championships" for a form that's virtually lost and most people there are just making stuff up and hamming it up, that's a complete mockery of this American dance. Believe me when I say those of us that truly know Peabody aren't laughing and we are talking. Heck there is even a lame NDCA bronze syllabus you should use as the base at least being it's an NDCA sanctioned comp....who's invigilating? Whoever they are they don't know Peabody. How can people even judge a system they don't know?

I'm a dance historian and it's my responsibility to know what I'm talking about so I have to be honest if I'm to respect history and my profession.

Anyone that would like to truly learn Peabody please don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'm on Facebook or even call/text or email me
Forrest (at) dancehistorian (dot) com 727-320-4001

I also recently published an article about Peabody in American Dancer magazine which is available online via USADance (dot) org

P.S. I'm currently in the process of writing the USADance (formerly USABDA) Peabody syllabus, for this very reason to save the dance as accurately as possible.


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Forrest, I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but the OP was made 13 years ago. I hope Tony has found some Peabody guidance by now.

I look forward to seeing your Peabody info.
I doubt it honestly, though I'm actually impressed with his step list...though the terminology seems peculiar. I'd actually love to discuss it with him. And yes that's it. I have a few films in my collection that have Peabody as well that are not online, that I'll eventually put online. First priority is the syllabus as it's come from up high that they want it sooner than later. Then I'll put up a bunch of stuff on my blog that's long overdue. Lots of primary source files, some never before seen video, interviews, step breakdowns, etc. It should really help set things straight.
Sadly there are few of us that know peabody around.

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