Performance Videos

Want to see performance videos from events held in the Portland Oregon.

Check out and listed in the video gallery are over 70 video performance from PDX.

Here are some of the performers listed in the video gallery at:

Johnny Bravo & Isabella - Isabella is the Hotest lady in salsa!
Richard Linnell
Rico Bravo
Rico Bravo Dancers
Todd & Shin
George & Geneva - Sabor Latino
Hurricane Tumboa
Eduardo Aguirre and Heather Gervais
Salsa Salvaje Divas
Sabor Latino Dance Company
Rumba Caliente
Johnny Bravo Dance Troupe
Johnny Bravo Portland Dance Troupe
Edgar Martinez
Hawaiian Fire Dance
Edgar & Laura La Guera La Rica Rumbera
Roger and Lorea
Salsa Salvaje Divas
Javier & Jenny - GeminiSalsa
Sabor Latino Dance Company
Salsa Salvaje
Hacha y Machete
Salsa Con Sabor
Grupo America
Manolo and Elizabeth
Salsa Angels
Salsa X Change - Edgar & Laura

Enjoy the videos please give feed back!

Salsamia :p

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