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MacMoto said:
Sagitta said:
It is tough to get good shots!! :?
True -- I don't know how SD does it!

How did the performance go?
SD has lots of practice I get! performance was pretty bad on my part. Not sure why but I was all over the place. :( I couldn't hear the music etc etc. I'm hoping to redeem myself tonight! I'm hopeful. The first time I feel that I do well and it is taped I will share the video, but not sure when that will be. :oops:


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Just an FYI for any of you who haven't checked out the albums in a while... several DFers have made a couple of entertaining and cute photo posts recently, chem 'em out! :p
I just posted a photo of myself, taken on Christmas, in the member galleries. I've been trying to make it my avatar, but I don't have the right software to shrink it down small enough. Can anyone help me?

*edit* I got it figured out, as you can see...
If you posted something I don't see it yet. I don't know if there is a delay - my impressin was that it was almost instantaneous since I could view it from the general page and not just my own. Hopefully someone that knows the answer willbe by soon!

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