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bit of a plain one for you, isnt it?!!

here's one to make up ..

At least up to this post Fred's Great Wall of America had gone in a straight line : but the pizza factory in Peoria insisted he go round them, so after 1200 miles he had to make his 10 foot wall go off on a tangent...
the proper name for them was, Uttenguttenburg, it was a relatively common name from the town of Suttenguttenburg, where every second person had that name.
From the town of Suttenguttenburg, where every second person had that name, came a number of German celebrities : the posh impresario "Three Piece" Suttenguttenberg, the cyclist Perse Suttenguttenberg and the comedy turn "Monkey" Suttenguttenberg.
the Government representative could not see the irony that the End of the Universe project had gone £120 million over budget because the Ministry of Defence insisted on using high powered supernovas for the background lighting rather than the more cost-efficient Red Dwarf stars.
cost-efficient Red Dwarf stars are becoming dime a dozen, but I hear that a super star is taking over and trying to put them out of business.
a travel bore, is the worst thing that you have to deal with when you are stuck on a bus for 14 hours. Thank goodness for my eye shades I can pretend to be asleep.
St Ignatius was most famous for saving the Cross of the Covernant. It was only after his death that it was revealed that the timbers were actually the frame for Mother Graftons new barn roof....

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