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lay bore holes at regular intervals along Horz-Schumann lines, lay in magnetic coils and suddenly you can tap into a free supply of electricity. You will need a step-up ac/dc convertor and some armoured cable.
By way of th' ankses pony, said the aged and whizzened old man when I asked him how to cross the moore to safety. I took his advice and made it, passing several wayfarers that had tried to cross the bog by horse or carriage and now were drowned or moaning in the mud
"Trash and Tree Tops with the Rowhouse Raccoon" was one of those once-a-decade films that sets off a craze : in this case for awesome alliteration involving articulate animal noises
"Theaspians just hum" screamed the Director in fruustration trying to stop the madding throng of actors from ad libbing while the Royal Welsh Mounted Genadeirs sang the theme from the Messiah as a dramatic climax to the epic stage production of the 'Rise and Fall of the Woman Empire', a post modern pre nasal drip artistic creation
Yes.. it is

Tuff - depends on the tone... it can be derogatory way of saying bad luck.

tuff - tough ...oh thats tuff

just another versatile slang word

(is tuff a word in Australia?)

TUFF, the Toronto Urban Film Festival, was where Johnson got his first smash hit, "Trash and Tree Tops with the Rowhouse Raccoon."

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