At what age did you start dancing at a studio?

  • between 5 and 10

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  • between 10 and 13 I wish I would've started sooner but better late then never!!!

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  • between 13 and 18 I was so glad that I got to go!!!

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  • after I was 18. I needed extra training

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  • I still don't go to a studio

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I'm a young dancer and I don't know what's happening but before I could do a double and sometimes triple piroettes but now I can barely do one. I don't know whats wrong with me!! I'm so mad @ myself :evil: . I know that I'm so hard on myself so it might all be in my head but even when I make myself know that I can do it I mess up. My ankles might be weak because after the 1st piroette I start spinning on a flat foot. My center might also be off because I end up losing my balance and falling on the ground :doh: . If anyone can help me please do! I'm so behind in my classes because of these piroettes :x . Please help :cry: !!!!

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