I need some help....

I've been told on more than one occasion that I do not pivot when I am turning. What does this mean? How do I correct this? I know how to do the spot turn and single pencil turn, and I'm working on the chenet turn. I'm not quite sure I understand what a pivot turn is :?:
All pivot means is turning on one stationary/locked position. For example, have you ever noticed when a guys steps back and does multiple spins. Sometimes you'll notice that one leg is locked to a spot on the floor while the other leg spins around it, at times keeping beat, maintianing the spin or simply balancing. That is an example of pivoting. You ground a foot to the floor and go around it, hence, preventing you from moving all over the place.

If a guy is spining you then the pivot point is his hand (You turn in one spot using his hand as the pivot point-but remember that the true pivot point is an imaginary line down the center of your body keeping you grounded to your spot on the floor) To maintian this position bend your knees, stay on the ball of your feet, keep back straight, spot, spin with your shoulders not legs, don't cross the feet, keep arm out in front and bent it in a 90 degree angle, and don't depend on the guy for balance....

In another example, If you want to make a sudden change of direction you must first plant your foot firmly on the floor and take the change of directions around it, hence the planted foot becoming the pivot point. Ultimaltly achiving a more controlled, sharper and quicker turn.

Hope it helps you out... :D
...and a pivot denotes you are progressing one foot past the other as you turn.
Ex. Pivot to Right:
If you are standing on your left foot. Step forward on your right foot. Turn a half turn to the right. (Generally) Step back on your left.
That means you took two steps in the same direction.
Otherwise, you are usually better to use the term 'spin'.

The advice to keep your knees bent by borikensalsero is very good.

Tahnks for your instructive answers.

But there is still something unclear to me about pivoting and spot-turning.

Why is a spot turn not a pivot turn or a spin?

Would anybody be so kind to explain the relationship between the 3 turns in a KONTRASTIVE WAY?
When is the meaning of these turns the same and when not?

Thanks in advance!

My answer would be that a pivot turn travels and a spot turn is stationary.
(ex. a pivot turn is the step between point a and point b)
I had just went through a lesson on pivoting, and the practice of shifting weight from one leg to another. The pivot turn does travel, and the instructor had taught to still shift the weight from one to the other for spot turn and to keep the legs together. I had another instructor that had taught the spot turn more like a spin, where especially for double turns to spin on the balls of one foot and simply track the other foot on the floor. I am a bit confused in terms of if I should practice spinning on one foot or weight shift for spot turns?

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