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Steve Pastor

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Based in Portland...
DJ at the new place out in Gresham.
Is that Bobby in the one wedding video? He's Djing at Bushwhackers and used to be on KUPL(?) before it was bought out by corporate.
Don't like to whine, but none of my favorite partners were in attendance last night and couldn't find a partner when they played Black Velvet, or for the songs I would have done nite club to.
I'll have to think about this a bit since I'm going to the Viscount studio for AT today.
Yeah he DJ's at midnight roundup every Thursday and some weekends when they don't have a band. He may be playing at the new bar that's opening in Vancouver too. He played The Bull's CountryFest this summer and is also DJing their holiday show. He's on The Bull Saturday nights with B-Dub for their "buckwild saturday night" show.

We'll both be at Bushwhackers next Saturday for my bday! I don't make it out there as much as I would like to!

Steve Pastor

Staff member
I'm pretty sure I'll be there too. I should probably post a few pictures so you can say hi if you want, which would be nice. I may look for the birthday group.

jackpot or not...

Brooks & Dunn - Cowgirls Don't Cry
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

Cha Cha
KennyChesney Shift Work
Blake Shelton - Some Beach

I tried that link and get nothing.

New place in Vancouver? Do tell.

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