Please help me find a dress (again)!

I feel like I post this same request allll the time, hee hee.

However, as you guys have been amazing at helping me find things, I will revisit the subject.

I am in search of a long-skirted comp dress (like.. long for rhythm) that is UN-STONED. I know there are college comps that don't allow stoning, so I had no idea it would be soooo hard to find that sort of dress!

I don't like any of the practice dresses out there, though I have found that I really like the style of the Espen brand dancewear.

Really, I need something that shines because it's brightly colored, but that won't be too short to look awkward if I dance a tango in it, or too long that it doesn't move if I have to cha cha. I will be on the floor for multiple dances of both smooth and rhythm, without changing accessories or anything.

A few dances have come and gone on BallroomDancers, either because they were too short for me or my dream dress for this event (it was purple, awesome, no back and all the stoning was on accessories) disappeared before I could buy it.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


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Something like this? http:// stardanceshop . com/418024bk.html

They also have a decent number of non-black separates: http:// stardanceshop . com/pwother.html

I like DanceAmerica stuff because they make practicewear in nice colors, especially their new 2010 collection. There might be a nice knee-length skirt that could work for both styles. Check it out at danceshopper.
Kinda... I'm really trying to find something that actually feels dance-y to me. I could just go to ekclothing and grab something basic if I wanted to go that route, or TJ Max for that matter.

I am hoping to run into something that was actually made for the purpose of dancing, not just practice. This is where the trouble lies! (I'm too hard to please, bad me!)

Thank you for the suggestions, though!!
This might be showing too much skin, but otherwise could work for you:
ericaridgeway. com/make_it_yours.html (#5003-last one on the page)

You could also get something custom made.
That's a neat website, I hadn't encountered that one before. The dress you referenced does show a bit too much skin, but it's right in the budget range were I to go for something like that. Alas I am running short on time (almost exactly one month, a couple days under it) to custom order something.

I appreciate the link and if anyone else has any other suggestions please keep them coming!


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Acapulco paradiso might have something, and they are right around that price range for unstoned items...I don't what the quality is like though (as in, is it better than the Rainbowshiu and that kind of website).
I did see that one, I stalk Ballroom Dancers religiously. That's what I'm looking for, (though probably not in black, the green is great and it definitely moves when she's dancing in it!!) but I am 5'8".

Oh my gosh I feel like I'm just TRYING to sound negative here. I don't mean to knock down every option proposed, and I really appreciate all the suggestions! There's just a reason I'm posting on the forums, I've tried this that and the other, lol.

Thank you for the suggestions, I am still looking. :)


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Actually right now I have a conservative smooth and a conservative rhythm gown... both completely without light effects. They are both USA Dance syllabus dress code compliant.

The Latin is black satin material, with black stretch mesh covering the arms and neck area. I'll have to check but I believe it is a bit long in the skirt and falls at or below the knee. I do not have any pictures of it yet. I believe it is a size 8-10. (Again, I'll check.) I could easily see this being used for tango and then a swing or a rumba.

I'll try to get pictures of it taken soon... Let me know if it sounds like something you could use. :)
Hmm.. not sure on the beads/sequins whatnot. I'll have to ask on Monday when my studio opens again. Do you have any recommendations, And123?

As for the dress you have, Me, I'd love to look at it though I am a 4 and I am kinda trying to steer away from black unless it really stands out. I feel that it never hurts to look, or I may be depriving myself of a potential solution!


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I'll try to send you some pics later. Not sure what kind of comp this is or what the rules are....

edit to add: omg, I just remembered a VERY colorful non-decorated dance dress I have.
It's actually just one part of the comp, they call it "All Around". My level can't wear shinies, though all other levels can. It makes very little sense because people in my level wear their fancy costumes for the REST of the event, why block us from doing it for this one part?!

Ah well, but yes. I have to dance a random smooth dance and a random rhythm dance (picked from a hat)... perhaps multiple times as they narrow it down to a final 8 like most things. However, other than that I don't know the rules nor the restrictions for that matter, aside from the fact that we are not allowed to wear sparkle-embellished costumes.
Sparkle.. in my book is primarily something one would consider "stoning" -- eg Swarovski/Korean stones. This is of course my outsider understanding of the restrictions for the costuming, no one ever bothered to tell me, the competitor, what is actually restricted. So that is what I'm going with, until I can finally get a straight answer out of the studio.
I feel absolutely beyond stupid. I called my studio this morning and asked about the dress requirements and the manger was like "No, you can have stoning on your dress, there are no restrictions. Just make sure it's something you can wear for both a smooth and a rhythm."


Of course, now I've let a hundred different dresses pass me by, and we're running on like 3 weeks before the comp. I feel like almost giving up and wearing a cocktail dress at this point just because I've been so stupid to just believe what random rumors have floated about rather than confirming it with the manager.

I guess.. possibilities are more open. I do still want something simple, but that will have a long enough skirt to pass for a tango without feeling awkward and knee knocking.

I am going to go back through all the suggestions of places to look, etc, but since the restrictions have been lifted and you all are so awesome in helping, I figured I'd post here too. I am hoping to not go over $300 (like I said, simple.. I'm wearing it for 2 dances plus callbacks and that's it), but if it's the dream dress, I might splurge.

Since it's such a small part of my comp I might also look to rent, but from my experience browsing in the past I haven't come across many long skirted rhythm dresses I have been too fond of. I am 5'8" and a size 4.

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