Please Pray for my Business Partner and Best Friend

It was a sad day today. Let me tell you about my business partner. He used to be a millionare, and was very successful in the diamond business. Several years ago he was in an auto accident that was not his fault and his front teeth and the bone above the teeth was shattered. He was not able to work for over 2 years, and lost almost everything, but left no debt unpaid, and kept a good reputation.

He recovered and become a professional photographer and also a marketing consultant, and does much of the photography for zoos and tropical centers down in Florida, as well as helping animals in need, such as grounded Dolphins.

He also met me about a year ago, and we worked together to build sites. He did the sales and I built the sites. A few weeks ago, doctors told him that his body was rejecting the implant in his mouth, and that infection was spreading near his eye, and that he could go blind if he did not receive immediate attention. The doctor actually required him to sigh a waiver just to walk out of the office due to the risk of his eyesite.

Within 2 days he was in the hospital getting a 4-6 hour surgery to remove the implant and clean the infection. They put in a temporary implant, but at least 2 more surgeries are needed over the next year. He did all this with no health insurance, just getting help from his family.

He recovered quickly from the surgery and over the last 2 weeks got some big accounts for our business, and 2005 is looking like we are going to prosper in a big way. On Saturday night he called me. He was with his girlfriend. They were having some wine, and enjoying the new house just bought. He thanked me for helping our business to be successful, and told me that finally he was very happy with his life.

Today he called me and told me the doctors believe he has cancer in his mouth. He was crying and couldn't speak. He has been through so much already. It makes me really sad.

Please pray for him. His name is Lloyd.

Sometimes life just sucks doesn't it?? :cry:

My thoughts are with you and your friend and his family.

To put a good spin on it, if there is one, at least he has found happiness in his life. If it turns out he does have cancer he will have that to hold on to. Some people never find it.
Things are weird... I keep on hearing about sick people... my ex BF's mother died last year... My partner's mom is now in intensive care, and they suspect liver cancer or cirrhosis... now your friend...

I am so sorry about Lloyd! I am thinking about him...
Thanks everyone.
I really appreciate your prayers. please keep up the good work. :D

I talked to him again last night, and he is at least okay for now, but more tests are needed. I will keep you posted, and I sincerely thank you for your concern.
Dear Dance Mentor:

I am adding my prayers for Lloyd to those of the other Forumites that God will pour out His love, mercy, and healing light on your friend.


Sancta Johanna ora pro nobis.
my thoughts and prayers are with both of you. keep being the good friend you are to him and let him know regardless of results that people he loves are still with him.
Very sorry to hear this DM. My thoughts with definitely be with you all. I googled mouth cancer very quickly and from what little I read, it suggested that if caught early, the rates of recovery are high. I am hoping that this is the case for your friend, if the tests confirm that it is cancer.
Thanks you all. :D
Lloyd has been working again. The information he is giving me about his health is still a little sketchy, but it's good to see him back in action at least. I really appreciate your prayers...surely it helps.

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