***Please READ THIS Before posting an advertisement for your Website***

Larinda McRaven

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If you are here to promote your Website or Webpage, your service, your group/team, or your event or your competition... and you are not a regularly participating member (someone with well over 150 post and a proven track record of integrating yourself into our forum as someone OTHER than a competition promoter, or dropping links to your site (for profit or not) then your announcement WILL be flagged by our spam filter and your post will not show up. Please do not try to circumvent the system by sneaking your link into your announcement by avoiding using html. It just makes me cranky when you try to trick the system and give me more work to do, and I am less likely to help you in the end.

To ALL Team, Event, or Competition Organizers and Promoters.... please PM me to discuss the rules for getting your event/club/competition listed here.

Larinda McRaven
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