Please recommend some novelty (or otherwise unusual) swing music

I'd like to expand my swing music library -- partly for my own enjoyment, and partly so that I can practice matching different rhythms in creative ways. For this reason, I'd like to add some more novelty swing music. By this, I mean swing tunes that are humorous or otherwise have some sort of quirky, unusual quality.

One example would be the Spider-Man theme as performed by Michael Buble. Or "Conjunction Junction" from Schoolhouse Rock.

Any other recommendations?
East Coast and Lindy preferred?

making no promises....

Suffrin' til Suffrage is to my mind the best of the School House Rock anthology.

Mahna Mahna - Cake has a good cover here.
Be Like a Duck - Philadelphia Chickens (Sandra and Keith Boynton)
Can You Picture That - Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
Secret Agent Man - Bruno (Bruce Willis)
Yep, ECS and lindy preferred. (I consider "Secret Agent Man" to be more of a jive tune -- at least, the original version by Johnny Rivers -- but that's a piddling distinction and it still qualifies! Thanks!)

BTW, another novelty song that I find swingable is Weird Al Yankovic's "Skipper Dan."
Depending on how novelty you want to get, Richard Cheese has some interesting stuff. He does lounge versions of Hip Hop and Metal songs, some of which sorta swing. His version of Baby got Back is interesting to swing dance to.


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Brother Yusef's CD Kids Get the Blues Too has a lot of nusery rhyme type songs set to up tempo blues that might work for you.
Thanks for the suggestions, folks.

I should mention a few other novelty selections of mine:

  • "Mr. Heatmiser" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. A real riot!
  • "Put Down the Duckie" from Sesame Street
  • The Puppini Sisters' offbeat rendition of "I Will Survive"
  • The Theme from Sesame Street, as performed by the Swing Shift Big Band


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So I have looked at this list and would like some more ideas.

Couple that I like that haven't been mentioned:

1. full of lead by paolo nutini
On youtbe at
2. Triton - Mari Nica Swing
On youtube at
Any more suggestions from anyone?
Since I grew-up in the 50's: Purple People eater and yellow polka dot bikini.
I think Spike Jones songs may be TOO weird and and undanceable but give a listen

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