Plus sized dance clothes?


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Ugh. Ever since my illness when I put on a ton of weight, I can't get it off and now it's harder than ever to buy dance clothes. Does anyone have a good source for practicewear type stuff? Right now I'm really in need of dance briefs and tights. Even discount dance supply doesn't have exactly what I need.


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Dance briefs as in to wear under a skirt? Try Jocky Slipshorts. What kind of tights?

In general, Tango Rouge Ballroom will do custom sizing on practice wear for not that much extra.


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I've used Berkshire fishnets, but you might see if they have what you want. Hue is another possibility, but don't know about nude matte for them.


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Bodywrappers makes a bunch of their dancewear in plus sizes, and motionwear goes up to a 3x for some stuff (like boyshorts).

Also has a huge selection of plus-sized stuff... thanks to a quick check of their site, I see a few different tights options. (I've never used them, but remember coming across them years ago.)

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