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How much do you despise pop ups?

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Okay, I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I need help and quick...I can't take these stinkin pop ups any more!!!! :evil:

Somehow within the last week, our computer has been overthrown by pop ups...and I'm simply NOT exaggerating. When I'm online, they just keep popping up, even if I'm not browsing. When we close off the Internet, they STILL keep popping up. :evil:

We can leave the computer on, close the browser, go away, come back three hours later and have lik 20 or 30 pop ups. :evil: HELP!!!!!


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Hey, dd. There was an article on yahoo news service today about popup blockers, which makes some recommendations. I'll PM you the url of the story.



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OK, I installed it...but now the forums no longer show what posts I haven't read yet! :cry:

What do I do oh fearless leader?
I must report...my beloved fiance bought a really great (and very expensive :evil:) program that supposedly takes care of viruses, spam, pop ups and a bazillion other things. It seems to be working pretty good...I don't have to continue to resist the urge to smash the computer to get rid of pop ups, but everything is running really S L O W now on our machine.

Hmm...we'll have to see if we can get that fixed.

Thanks, everyone, for the GREAT ideas. Much appreciated!

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