Position of hands

Hi everybody,

some partners have critized two things about the way I put my hands:

1) My right hand is too close to them, and they feel uncomfortable to move.

2) My left hand is too loose, they cannot feel it.

I just put my hands in the way I find more natural, but this seems not to work sometimes. Maybe I need some training...

Any advices or hints about how to place my hands and train in it are very appreciated.

Thanks in advance
If they are criticizing your hand position, it sounds like you are dancing in a more open embrace, which is okay and fairly common. If your partner has to move to do a turn or something, you have to keep your right hand barely holding her body. You keep the arm up, but without the hand pressing against her, because she has to turn her upper body against your hand. You just let her slip in and out of your hand, keeping your arm up at the same level for her. You probably feel the need to help guide her with your hand, but good leaders don't really need their hands. You could dance with out them. There are some teachers who suggest you do just that as an exercise. Dance around a while without one arm, then without the other arm, then without both arms. You lead with the rest of your body. Some beginners rely upon the hands too much. It restricts the woman's ability to twist her upper body. But it is tough to say over the computer, I hope that helps maybe.


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Different followers like a different degree of firmness I have found. I naturally have a light touch but some women don't respond to this so I give a firmer more solid touch so they can feel confident of my intentions.


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Welcome to the forums bordertangoman!! :D

I've discovered that what you say about different followers is true for any partnered dance. The trick is to figure that out quickly so that you can really enjoy dancing well as soon as possible.

I checked out your website. The price offered for lessons seem eminently reasonable. Makes me wish I was there to take some...[shrug]...anyway some time in the future I'll be learning Argentine tango.


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To follow on this...most women in AT like a firmer touch then men give. This tidbit came from Robin and Jen workshop (AT dancers/instructors based in NYC)


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I was at a workshop recently with an Argentine teacher and he played the woman and didn't budge until I gave a firm solid lead, so maybe that's how its done in Bs As. however I still prefer fim but light pressure.
Yeah, BTM. Had my first lesson leading in AT and it gave me a whole new perspective. The girl I had to lead did the same, she refused to budge until I gave a firm lead. It was all very disconcerting, but it gave me a good idea about what to do and when it felt right for her. The funny thing is I couldn't figure out where to put my right hand. I'm not used to holding my hands as rigidly as one might need when leading and my hand kept slipping down and resting on her hip...poor thing, if it had been me, I would have slapped me! :)



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Well it all varies. If you've seen El Chino dance head to head with Miho you'll know anything is possible - no other body contact and leads invisible!!

On a hot night or if the woman has a backless dress I tend not to touch the woman with my hand ( being a shy type n'all) just my arm.
And some material is horrible to touch.

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