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I'd like to know if you have to take care of the position of your head while dancing salsa. I mean, in some classical dances you should keep your head always in the same horizontal (avoiding an up-and-down movement). Is it the same in salsa?

Thanks in advance
You should not move your upper body up and down and because of that your head does not move up and down. One common mistake i often see with beginners is that they tend to hop up and down which looks silly in my opinion.


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However, there is some small movement of the body up and down due to knee flexing? Isn't there? And this is different from the head up and down movement associated with upper body movement / bopping on every step... Right?

I've noticed from observing the dance floor that when doing the forward break in the basic, in open position, the flexing of the knee results in the leaders head going down a bit, as well as forwards, and then when weight is shifted back onto the right foot the head comes back up.
In my opinion the upper body should be totally isolated from the feet in terms of up and down movement. Of course you can go down on the forward step if you want to enhance it but i only do this sometimes. When I straightening the knees my head does not move up. Perhaps this is because i allways flex me knees even when standing straight (when dancing of course ;) ). Not much but only a small amount. This also helps when i turn.


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Yup. I realize now that I see it done only sometimes for emphasis depending on the song and where the music is....So it definitely does not count with the dreaded bopping that happens on every beat!!!

i allways flex me knees even when standing straight (when dancing of course
Ditto!! I was actually only referring to the forward break when done for emphasis, and did not realize that until I got your clarification. Thanks.

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