Positive or Negative?

To Swinging Buffs,
I write with all the integrity and politeness I can muster, and I have never criticized any individual verbally or in my writings, and if I criticize whatever or 'Blow the Whistle' on some farce or hoax being played on dance students, let it be called "CRITICIZING" and let's not do the Black Sheep the injustice of DEFINING my writing as 'negative' as one fragile Orange Coast Moderator is attempting to do by spreading this virulent message among his communicants.
At 80 years old, I know who I am, and I am a very positive man. Reforming, improving, bringing light to the world of the dancers information to enrich their lives and so they can get more honest service from dance teachers for their $60.00 per hour of instruction, and help the students learn the better way to a world of dancing so they can develop easier and with less confusion toward their full potential is a very, very positive characteristic of the Black Sheep, and will guarantee a future for the majority of students a greater joy in their dancing.
That is my commitment!
Question: Do you define the Black Sheep's commentaries Negative or do you consider them Positive?
Black Sheep


I love to read your posts. I'm still waiting to find out if you ever met any movie stars or celebrities when you were dancing in LA in the day.


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One thing about Joe's comments here...

He has a first hand perspective of dancing as it was in the 1940's that the rest of us here don't have. He saw and experienced it personally. 8)

Keep up the good work Joe! :D

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