Post videos of dancing that have inspired you


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Oliver Pineda does it for me...I like the way he dances...sometimes....a little flashy but love the way he is introducing different aspects of dance into salsa...rumba,/guaganco...etc...


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Anya and Pasha's audition from SYTYCD. I love everything about this dance.

PS- for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to embed the actual video, so you'll have to just click the link for now.
Just stumbled across this post. To embed youtube videos, you just take the part after the v=. Copy that part of the address, paste it here, highlight it and then hit the YouTube button you see at the top of your message screen to embed it.

The original link you posted was removed but thankfully another one popped up.


Haha, I don't know that's an extremely good reaction or an extremely bad one.
I think Sagitta's reaction was a good one. ;)


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