Post your photo!

Yep, that's exactly what I mean. Like how you posted your photo. I just need the directions. Never had the time to figure it out.. :p

My club here isn't really all that fascinating any more to be honest. They are great guys, but there are way too many new people who have no clue about tango - as far as emotions and depth are concerned; they (the guys that is) just try to learn the steps and they never get to actually feel the music and the meaning behind it. It's a little frustrating after a while. When I started (January this year) there were two or three guys who were like kings of the dance - it was breath-taking to watch them. They were the perfect personification of compadres. But then, they sort of drew away - perhaps because of the new people who came in..
you go to the site where your photo is and bring up the exact photo. right click with your mouse with the arrow over the picture you want to use. go down to the bottom of the menu where it says "properties" and click it. there should be a link (ie: http :// yourphotoishere. com).highlight that link by right clicking and dragging it over the whole text of the link. next come in here where you want to post it and click the button right below the "subject bar" that says "Img". this will place this...
verrronika said:
where did mine go? *confused*

mine also did that in another thread. I think certain sites only let the picture be viewable for a certain amount of time (I think it has something to do with bandwidth or something).
When I get a new computer :cry:
that's ridiculous, I have the dumbest viruses - they aren't contageous, but they are stuck to me like glue. And most of my internet stuff doesn't work :cry:
grrr :evil:
I'm guessing he's taking the picture.

Can you be more adorable??

Pygmalion, don't think that I didn't notice that you skirted the issue!! :lol: Where's the pic girlie?? heeeheeehee

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