Preventing Beginning Dancers from Getting Intimidated

SwinginBoo said:
Wow, this is almost a mirror image of how I felt when I first started dancing. Like you, my b/f had already been dancing for years and knew EVERYONE. I was like this shy wallflower who didn't know anyone, and what's worse no one knew me. So it was really a hard time for me. It's been about a year now and I'm getting to know people. I actually went to a dance alone this weekend and asked as many people as I could to dance. It was probably the best experience for me.
SwinginBoo, it's been two years for me. I went to my first dance alone when my b/f was out of town about a year ago. I had a great time too but I was a little scared at first and felt like blending into the wall. But once I started dancing, I had a great time and I got asked to dance a lot. I still get sort of shy at dance conventions when there are tons of new people, but I'm trying really hard to ask guys to dance. I've got to do it when I'm still on the dance floor, or I lose my courage.

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