Procrastination Thread


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Bought TurboTax, plugged in most numbers to see my refund amount and ... am letting it sit. Actually I have to research a wash sale on a fund, but there's salsa and merengue classes tonight, so...


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In a HORRIBLE procrastination mode for about a week now. Have procrastinated homework, going to get a paper I need from uni, even more homework, and finally some homework. Guess who's been sitting at her computer looking at YouTube ballet videos. Yup. (T. Rojo and C. Acosta are GORGEOUS at Romeo and Juliet. Incredible expression. ROH is producing it again this spring, and although they're not dancing I'm thinking of going.)
Ah, procrastination.
even to yourself I note! I was going to write this later but I just put off going to bed by writing it now and since this is the lesser of the two efforts, my procrastination cred is still good...


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In intense procrastination mode. Must stop DFing ... soon ...

Need to pack ... leaving at 7 am tomorrow for houseboat trip with family. Who came up with this plan??? Is it wise to put 18 of us on one boat for 4 nights (even though it's a big boat that nominally sleeps 22)? As I recall, there was a bit of wine involved when we agreed on Mother's Day that it would be an appropriate way to celebrate my father's 80th birthday (noting that his real birthday was in January and all of his children managed to show up for the real thing). The plans were helped along by niece's fiance' who has done this before and has access to a speed boat and one or two jet skis ....

Considering they let us know they will get married in the middle of the trip (fiance's family is already there) was it a plot to cut wedding costs? Very confused ... have to deal with virtual birthday, actual Father's Day, actual wedding (not in that order).

Again, need to pack ... need to dress for studio social tonight ... need another glass of wine ...


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Putting off going down to the garage for the garage sale. I know I'll have fun, once i get there. Just not motivated, right now. 7AM- 3PM is a long time to stand around and display ones unwanted trash. *grin*


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Putting off getting back in the kitchen. Roast beast a roasting. Now it's a roller coaster ride from here until noon-ish.

Cheese cake tarts. Sugar cookies. Scalloped potatoes. Assorted other junk. All needing to be timed to perfection.

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