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Hello all,

So while I am here, I figured I might as well make a post about my other standard gown. It was my present to myself for Nationals and it has only been worn a few times since I broke up with Denis a few months after that. It is in brand new condition.

This dress has exquisite craftsmanship that makes my blue dress look like a dump (it also cost me more money so I guess that is why). The seamstress really did a great job on this one and I have received so many compliments. I got this dress to help with the transition to the champ floor so I would look less collegiate and pre-champy, and fit in more with the champ dancers. I did not want (and could not afford) the super complex dresses a lot of champ girls wear, so this dress is simple, but was able to hold its own on the champ floor and I felt like a princess wearing it.

I am not in any hurry to sell this dress since it is still new. But since I have no partner for the forseeable future, I figure why not put it up. If it doesn't sell, that is cool. If it does, money is super cool.

The dress is made from Chrisanne fabric. It has a nude body suit, with purple rain stretch lace on top. Snap crotch. The dress is cut low in the back and front in a flattering V. The skirt starts low on the hip with a fully stoned band around the hips that matches the trim on the top of the dress. The lace itself is stoned throughout. The dress comes with a matching lace necklace and earrings which are fully covered in stones. I used 3 different colors of Swarovski crystals in different sizes to create depth and richness. I have been told that even though the dress is simple, it is elegant, classy, and glitters on the floor.

The skirts and floats are made from purple rain satin chiffon. The underskirts are in varying shades of purple and fabric textures to create a rich look. The skirt itself is a flat skirt, but it really moves around and looks great. The floats attach like drapey sleeves, connecting to my arms at the shoulder, lower bicep, and wrist. Though you *don't* see them, I stoned the arm bands in case the floats flip over. The floats are also detachable so if you are like me and enjoy warming up or sitting around bw rounds without the danglies, it is very nice.

It must be said, this dress also makes your boobs look NICE. Like really, really, nice. I don't know what bra the seamstress put in there, but I want it in every thing I own.

This dress would fit anyone from a size 2-6. Probably also a tall 0 and maybe an 8 depending on body proportions... this dress was made for my rather mundane rear so if you got back, the waist band may be a little tight. I am 5'8" with out heels and the skirts are very long so this dress is definitely best suited for a taller lady. The skirts can be shortened.

I am currently asking $2,000 for purchase. Rental $200. Prices negotiable.



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Here are some pictures I have. I only have a few good ones since I only wore the dress 3 times. I will take some better ones once I am done with BADC craziness.

And in this one you can see why I stoned the arm bands LOL:



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OK so my roommate and I got around to photographing the dress this weekend. Taking these pictures is sort of awkward, I have to admit.

I didn't know whether to smile or not so I was just awkwardly smirking.

Roommate Chris started giving me orders in a Russian accent which made me LOL:

Laughing and spinning... sorry it is blurry:

With floats:


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And more....

Now with jewelry... the orange cat had to get locked up because he wanted to "help":

Spinning again per Russian Chris' orders:

Detail of jewelry:


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This dress will be out of commission for a while because the skirt got torn up this past weekend. Will be back on the market in January, when I can get it fixed.

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