Question on Doing A Ronde

Vince A

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Ronde / Ronde de Jambe: A circling action of the free foot and leg.

The definition above is from . . .

I do Rondes all the time in most of my dances - mostly in WCS, and so does my wife. However, she came home last night all excited about how her dance "coach" completly changed the way she does the Ronde. All these years she has been doing them wrong.

I'm wondering if she received good information??? For those of you that do Rondes . . . could you explain how you do it and what each leg is doing? No lengthy detail, just a few sentences will since I know, basically, what the move is all about. I'm questioning the new instruction that my wife received, as come this January she will be an Advanced dancer

The "new way" does not fit the definition up above . . .
A couple of things I always try to remember about the Ronde:
1) Be sure to sit into the supporting leg
2) The Ronde should begin by lifting the foot forward (not to the side) to get a fuller effect.

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