R.I.P. Craig Thurman

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Craig Thurman has passed away. He is from a well known and respected dancing family and was a fixture as an amateur in the US during the 70's and 80's and on the professional scene there after. He danced every style but was probably known best for his standard.

Craig was one of the first professionals I was able to identify in midwest dance community when I started in 1990. And since I moved back to Missouri I was able to reconnect with him in a few different studios and at several competitions. I was just judging the St. Louis Star Ball this past weekend with him and very much enjoyed our conversations and his wit and humor.

The dance community out here is missing a wonderful companion. RIP Craig.
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When I read this, I was absolutely stunned, and my reaction was accordant if not proper. I didn't realize how insensitive and nosy it sounded at the time, but I'm deeply sorry for having an absolute spaz when I saw this awful news. I only wish for the best for this family, not more trouble. The odd happenings in our world had nothing to do with this, just some general planets-not-aligned weirdness that always makes things run together. Again, sorry to hear this.
Sorry to hear this. I know his brother well, and met Craig a few times through him.

For anyone interested, there will be a memorial dance at his brother's studio outside of Paducah, KY. PM me if you would like the info.


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And, considering the current studio is considerably farther down the road than the defunct Clark Street address, it'd be wise to fact-check for updated information before getting in the car and setting the GPS based on outdated google information.

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