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All I have to say is I have Ray Rose cyclones, 3 inch, and I love them.
I had a problem in the beginning with my little toe falling out of the straps, but as I wore them more the straps became molded to fit my feet.
most of the RR styles look very similar. i'm going to try whatever i can get my hands on here in ny soon, as it'll be time for new shoes in a very few months.
WorldTone in LA has them. If you get them let me know how you like them. I was also eyeing the Blizzard. I hear they have new colors out for their shoes
WorldTone in LA has them. If you get them let me know how you like them. I was also eyeing the Blizzard. I hear they have new colors out for their shoes
I bought two pairs off of dance-shop, they come to about $135-$140 with shipping, not bad! Delivery is about 1.5-2 weeks. I hope they have new colors, the dark tan doesn't match me well at all.

I have the Earthquake model, they haven't stretched too much for me. I originally bought the Cyclones, but they became too big too fast, that's what I get with narrow feet!

The blizzard ones look really nice, but they don't have leather backing on the straps, something to keep in mind.
Ray Rose shoes with Lucienne Dance Works

Hi! well, very interesting to read all that feedback. My 2 partners and i are internet retailers of dance shoes and we have chosen to retail Ray Rose dance shoes in priority because of their very superior quality and performance characteristics. Several things to keep in mind:
- first, in terms of stability, their heel is differently placed and provides much greater stability.
- yes, they do fit rather on the tighter side but i also find that every model seems to offer a different forefoot support depending on the construction of the straps and your foot shape. It's always good to try...
- yes, they do stretch but the satin should hold the stretch to a certain extend.
- i'm actually surprised that the cyclone are not leather lined... interesting, i'll have to check that out... i don't see why they wouldn't.
yours truly... frenchie with Lucienne Dance Works LLC
Buying my second pair of Ray Rose at Rumba Lucia

I've followed the shoe discussions and bought a pair of vintage Ray Rose about two years ago from someone online. They have lasted a long time, so I decided to get a new pair...the Blizzards from Rumba Lucia a UK shop. They had a sale over the weekend and the price seemed very fair. Lucy corresponded with me about details and I loved the personal touch. There is no VAT and they accept PayPal. The shank and double wrap is great for someone like me who has a high arch and needs the shoe to stay on the foot. I understand about the satin straps stretching, but it is a fabric and the foot does sweat and move around. Even leather watch straps deteriorate from sweat! My dance teacher says that for Latin shoes the toes should go totally to the edge. I wear an 8.5 to 9 street shoe, but found that the 5UK RR was the right size. Tried to get them at Worldtone in NYC, but it seems they aren't carrying them in the same quantities or styles, so I went online. Will update when they arrive.

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