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So I've been in a bit of a funk and down on myself all day, and I decided that in order to snap myself out of it, I was going to think of some things that make me awesome. Once I got started, the reasons really started to pop into my head... and a little while later, goodbye bad mood!

Since this was so effective for me today, I wanted to share with DF and offer you all the opportunity to tell us why you are amazing!

Some random, in no particular order, things that I came up with:
- I helped my co-worker out of a jam this morning.
- My Little Sister (through Big Brother's, Big Sister's) thinks I'm awesome.
- I have fantastic looking toenails that I did myself - dark green with sparkles.
- I had a salad for dinner yesterday when what I really wanted was a cheeseburger.
- I worked my butt off at the studio last night, and figured out that thing that's been tripping me up for 2 weeks.
- I said thank you to my bus driver.

Your turn!


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hmmm...for me, I would rather focus in what I am grateful it serves a similar purpose for me....I have some qualities that I am proud of but they aren't the things that really sustain me...but I am really happy for you fancy feet that you found a way to rally your spirit and that you want to share that with others...thanks

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but I am really happy for you fancy feet that you found a way to rally your spirit and that you want to share that with others...thanks
ditto that... in todays world a "pick me up" is always a welcome thing


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Joe, not at all... I just did the other day, because I forgot why for a bit.

I think we all have reasons why we're amazing, or awesome, but some days it's just a little harder to hang on to those things and stay happy and confident... hence the conscious reflection process.

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I remember having several nights with really wonderful friends and a bottle of wine. We sat around in a circle and took the time to not only complement ourselves but then each other. We live in a world of immense criticism. I don't think there is anything wrong with patting ourselves on the back and reminding us that we truly are awesome creatures.


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This is a fabulous thread!

I feel awesome when I bust in to some cumbia freestyle!
I feel awesome because I'm learning lots of new stuff that I'm passionate about.
I feel quite awesome about being a size 10. :p
I can't even think of a reason "Why" I'm awesome because I've always been awesome. Even if you gave me an example of something that is Not awesome so I could compare & contrast, I wouldn't be able to relate. :rofl: That is pretty dang awesome, as is this thread, and all the rest of you people.


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This is a wonderful thread! Recently, I stumbled across a video on another website called "Pep Talk" by Kid President (easy to find on your favorite search engine. It is absolutely in line with this thread - Be Awesome! And don't be afraid to admit you are. I firmly believe that if we can appreciate how we are awesome as individuals and better understand what makes everyone around us awesome, it cannot help but make you humble, amazed, and filled with perspective on what really matters in life.

When am I at my most awesome? When I am helping others work through the crises in their lives. When I am holding true to my core beliefs in the face of challenge and adversity. When I am watching the sunset on my back deck with my love.


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I ain't religious but a sermon I once heard stuck with me; "You can't earn it, you don't deserve it but the Lord gives it you anyways."

(hallelujah!) ;)

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