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all anyone here can do is state their experience with the organizers they dealt with and their pro....the best way to get the answer you need is to discuss it with those who will involved in your own how it is dealt with in any specific instance may vary and how negotiable any particular pro or organizer may be can also vary....organizers, IME, are usually fairly understanding if there is a good reason...I have seen a variety of responses from the pros involved when it comes to refunds....

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I pay my instructor after the comp. they sent me an itemized bill and I pay it. The per dance costs ,daily rate if applicable are fixed and known. The fraction of hotel,air and food are determined after. I usually have a good idea as I know who else is going. If a student cancels the other students pick up the fraction. I assume I'll be paying the whole thing in my budgeting. That way it's always equal or less than my estimated expense


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Bringing up this thread again-
I think there are 2 issues- one is if you have paid entry fees, package etc to the organizer- and then have to cancel with short notice due to illness, accident, death in close family, bad weather, cancelled flights etc. Will the comp refund the money? It can be a sizable amount if doing many heats.

Second, what is the refund policy from your instructor, or studio? We split the pros expenses and pay his fees. If one student has to cancel, is the amount they paid for pros expenses refundable? Is it fair to expect the other students to chip in the difference? Or is it fair to just not refund the money to a student who paid but is unable to go?
What about the instructors fees?
So many potential do others navigate these issues? Any input appreciated.
I've never had to cancel a comp but I would think if it is due to things like a sudden accident/illness, or death in the family that they would either refund the money or apply it to the following year's comp.

If I committed to going to a comp and then couldn't I would still pay my share of pros expenses as the other students would be counting on that. At the same time I'd probably try to compromise regarding pro fees...if I couldn't dance because I had an accident perhaps a partial reimbursement would be a good compromise or use the funds to a future comp.

Honestly, I think it depends on the reason why you cancel. It's a big difference to cancel because you are in the hospital with a serious medical condition vs 'just don't feel like it'.

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