Reggaeton suggestions?

salsero-in-apprenticeship said:
Sounds good - maybe somebody knows the name of the band and posts it here.
My brother went to school in PR with her... what the heck is her name... hmmmm... I forget... her mom used to sell candy in front of the school and we all ran there after school and for lunch... what the heck is her name... God.... ahhhhh... I bet you if she sang salsa I'd remember her name... hmmmmmm

I have to call my bro when he gets out of class... Hmmmm... ahhhh... Sorry can't remember. :(
boriken, they always used to show this video on mun2. You know which video Im talkin about right? And all the guys are wearing this nice white wardrobe, and one of the guys I remember the most cause he had longish hair that was very straight and styled to look sexy I guess (guess some women find him sexy eh?) that gal pretty hot!

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