Magic Pill anyone?
Last night, June 19, I witnessed a revealing situation at Lance's Lindy Groove in Pasadena. I arrived after the Venue lessons, which I was told were fairly well attended with some twenty students. During that early part of the evening I noticed a group of college students doing some wild gyrations to Swing music. One young gentleman
who seemed to be the leader who was demonstrating these very familiar Swing moves with a partner, and his imitations of many intricate Swing combinations was impressive, especially to a group of some dozen young men and ladies in his group. The intriguing fact for me was that this virtuoso was performing all these wonderful moves without the slightest awareness of rhythm; he was just running sporadically around and over and under his partner with the confidence of a Master Teacher, all the while with a running dialogue explaining his moves and encouraging his friends that it was all very easy to do.
Now as much as I wanted to correct his rhythm, I decided to stay on the opposite side of the Ballroom away from the temptation of being an unwelcome interloper. But about an hour later as I cruised around the Ballroom, I noticed these two teenage lady wallflowers, and asked them who would like a dance, and the one pointed to her friend who responded, " I would like to dance, but I don't know how! Of course I took her away to a corner to begin my Magic Pill treatment, with two young men trailing closely behind and asking if I would mind their watching. Within fifteen minutes I had Angie and Anson dancing on rhythm executing several Swing steps while their creative friend was still doing all the wonderful moves with great enthusiasm just twent yards away, accompanied by his running dialoque, explanating his activities with not a semblance of any rhythm to his amazing moves. Fortunately, Anson, my male student turned out to be a piano player and a drummer, so he was able to understand, 'Dancing is moving in sync with the rhythm of the music'. Anson and Angie were so proficient in performing those several Basic moves, that I asked them to teach their friends 'The Magic Pill', and on Rhythm.

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July 4th is the deadline for your YES vote if you want the Magic Pill Emailed to you!


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And to think that over on the yehoodi forum there is a post stating that ballroom dancers don't understand the importance of music. :eek:

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