Ria DeBiase and Damon Stone Lindy Hop Workshop 2/28

$54 will get you seven hours of classes, and +4 hours of dancing at Spotlight Dance & Fitness, 646 N. Market, Sacramento, CA. (916) 649-DANZ (3269)

Classes offered
  • Beyond the Basics
    Cakewalk to Cool (Vernacular Jazz Movement)
    Swing Out Variations that Kick Butt
    What makes Lindy Hop Swing (Musicality, syncopations and
    Improvisations for Lindy Hop)
    Jedi Training (Tricky moves for the Social Floor)
    Top Secret (Guest instructors will teach a special class, not to be missed)

Instructors In Brief
Ria has been dancing lindy hop for over five years. She has also
studied Historical Jazz, Ballet, Gymnastics and Hip Hop. Her
dancing style is energetic and musical, and she is comfortable
being playful and funky as well as "busting it old school".

Damon has been dancing his entire life. Starting with vernacular
jazz/blues he went on to hip hop, and eventually studied over a
dozen different dance styles until coming full circle focusing
primarily on the vernacular jazz dance, lindy hop, in 1995.

Together their classes are relaxing and full of humor. They
focus on the underlying principles in the dance and are capable
of breaking down the most difficult concepts and moves so they
are easy to understand and incorporate. These international
instructors are in much demand for their unique dancing style
and ability to teach both complete novices and advanced dancers.

For full bios, class descriptions, directions and registration visit SacTownSwing.com.
Here is the detailed schedule and class descriptions...

11:00-12:00 Beyond the Basics
An in depth exploration of the fundamental techniques that make leading and following possible. This will fine-tune your skills making you a better dancer regardless of your skill level.
12:05-1:05 Swing Out Variations That Kick Butt
The Swing-Out is the basic move of Lindy Hop. As dancers progress they often abandon it in favor of "flashier" or more "expressive" moves. Join us and rediscover the beauty and excitement of the Swing-Out.
1:10-2:25 Cake Walk to Cool: Vernacular Jazz
At its root Lindy Hop is a partnered Jazz Dance. We will explore a range of solo steps and movements that have greatly shaped Lindy Hop and have served as the foundation for Tap, Blues, Contemporary Jazz, and Hip-Hop. They will be put together in a fun routine that can be done to a number of swing songs.
2:25-3:20 Lunch
Fuel the body and fuel the mind, because you are going to need it.
3:20-4:20 Partnered Charleston
One of the foundational dances of the Lindy Hop partnered Charleston is a fun way to spice up your dancing to faster tunes and classic swing music and offers an energetic and stylish alternative or addition to Balboa.
4:25-5:40 What Makes Lindy Swing
What makes Lindy Hop different from all the other swing dances and Jazz Music different from other music forms? How do I dance Lindy Hop, be musical and not ignore my partner all at the same time? We will answer these questions and many more. In case you were wondering... this is the "Secret Sauce", what divides the great Lindy Hoppers from the merely proficient.
5:45-7 Jedi Moves
You've seen dancers on a social floor who draw your attention. Without having to be in a Jam Circle, without losing the spirit of the Music, and without being a menace on the floor they toss off moves that leave you stunned. Wanna be one of them? This class will not only teach moves, but advanced elements of technique and connection.

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