Road Trip Stops?suggestions


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Many of you know we road trip. Well, the husband loves the odd and curiosity grabs him.
So, we are meeting up in OK City with the daughter, her new wife and the 3 kids,,,for an ultimate road trip through Nebraska to South Dakota for the SD family reunion.
If anyone has suggestions as to "stops" along the way,,,,we are all ears or maps or google, or ...well...anything. Seriously folks, this is the guy who searched out the biggest ball of string for fun. CHEERS.


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Oklahoma? Bartlesville has a great museum... dangit, why can't I remember the name? Great Western art. Oh, yeah. Woolaroc.
Museum of the Pioneer Woman, in Ponca City
In Tulsa, it's worth driving by the Golden Driller, at the fairgrounds -- you don't need to enter the fairgrounds, the Driller is right on 21st
I don't remember if the Corn Palace is in South Dakota or North, but it's remarkable

Nebraska: Museum of the Fur Trade, in Chadron, which is off the beaten path, shall we say

AS long as we're off the beaten path, Kansas has, no kidding, a replica of the LIttle House On The Prairie, the one from the books, not the TV show. I loved those books. From the original Garth Williams illustrations, I recognized everything in the house, when I went to visit.
IIRC, it's not far from Big Brutus, but I could be wrong; Kansas starts to blur, after a while
Kansas also has a Barbed Wire Museum which is right next to the Post Rock Museum. I loved them both.

The small town museums in many towns are worth a visit. They often have the underwear of the forebears on display, and things as far ranging as the entire undertaker's office (that was in Sheridan, Wyoming, iirc) to the stuffed two-headed calf (also Wyoming, I think)

Can you tell I spent 20+ years driving all over the lower 48?


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really JA? ...uh....underwear? people will museum anything. Thanks for the tips. It's' different bringing kiddos along.
In all fairness, 19th century undergarments are far more structured and concealing than what little girls wear to school nowadays. Provides opportunity to talk about how societal norms have changed. Also interesting. But "the underwear of the forebears" is also an expression I use to describe the minutia of small town families who donated their Stuff to the local museum, and sometimes, yes, the corsets etc are on display with the family photos and Great Grandpa's rifle.


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I've been gone, on a long old trip, with,,,,,wait for it,,,,,all the adult children and grandchildren. All of your suggestions have been great. Here's the run down.
DH - left home in our new Yukon for OK City. Met up with DD her wife and our 3 kiddos. It's their first road trip outside Texas since DD was 16 years old.
I took off from Ont. airport with So. Calif. grandson and was picked up from Wichita Airport.
Stayed in Newton Kansas. Kids proclaim - wow, it's really flat here!
Head to Kearney Nebraska, stay two nights, head Pioneer Village, hit the Great North Platte River Arch, the park across from it, investigate the fireman's museum, head to Yancy Park and rent huge, yes huge, swan boats for the lake, guess who pedaled.
Splash Pad and a movie later.
Move on to Murdo South Dakota, stop at Pioneer Auto, spend night, all grandkids having a blast.
Drive on to the Badlands where everyone displays their rock climbing ability as my heart leaps out of my chest. Kids sign into Junior Ranger Program and earn their patches.
Head out and stop in Wall, just because it's so odd but don't stay long, move on to Custer South Dakota and check into rental home quickly and head out to my DH family reunion in Edgemont South Dakota. 25 acres with Amish decades old home and another 80 acres to explore. Kids meet a 13 year old Florida cousin, they climb, explore, drive golf balls as hard as they can and get spooked by wild turkeys tending their nest of eggs. hilarious.
All the family meets up over several days and we honor a very alert 99 year old aunt (the sister to my father in law) and she's still self sufficient. Gotta wonder about the Norwegian genes. All the stops Mt. Rushmore. Wind Cave National Patk, Sylvan Lake, the Needles highway, bear country USA, reptile farm, etc etc. and finished the week with the Custer City magic show which was actually quite good. Heading on to Colorado today and hopeful to see the U.S. Mint and Rocky Mountain National Park. Home on Sunday. Wow, a trip of a lifetime for all involved and an amazing family reunion for my husband's side. Lol, I finally found out the tall tales and where to put the farm error jokes of blame from 50 years ago. So glad we could make these memories happen. So long for now! Back to the dance floor next week

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Wall Drug, Badlands, D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives in Spearfish, SD, Crazy Horse Monument, Pig Tail Bridges, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Sylvan Lake...

engage the WayBack Machine Mr. Peabody.....
Hitchhiked through the area back in the early 70s... one favorite moment was happening upon a big sign telling people to stay in their cars because buffalo are dangerous. We were on foot at the time (my friend Phil and I) and had to sleep in the woods beside the highway. We had just turned down a ride from two girls in a pickup truck. WHAT were we thinking? Oh, we want to walk and enjoy the scenery.
Then there were the far off thunderstorms as we slept out in the middle (off road for sure - if we head that way, we'll come to the road) of the Badlands. Climbing up those eroded hillsides to get to the road was an adventure, too.

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